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New strategies in hodgkin lymphoma: better risk profiling and novel treatments

Diefenbach C, Steidl C.

Clin Cancer Res. 2013 Jun 1;19(11):2797-803



Recent advances in Hodgkin lymphoma research are expected to prelude a promising new treatment era for patients and their treating physicians. Scientific investigations over the last few years have provided new insights into risk stratification, and, simultaneously, a plethora of novel targeted therapies are emerging for patients with relapsed and refractory disease. These novel therapies will be tested primarily in high-risk patients because 75% of the patients are cured with conventional therapies. The challenges, as Hodgkin lymphoma therapy moves forward, will be using these biologic insights to identify the patients who may benefit earlier in treatment from these novel agents, and tailoring the therapy to the tumor biology of the patient. These dual aims are intertwined; as our therapeutic arsenal increases, these biologic determinants of risk may themselves inform the design of therapies and the choice of treatments for high-risk patients.

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