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Targeting pathological B cell receptor signalling in lymphoid malignancies

Young RM, Staudt LM

Nat Rev Drug Discov. Mar 2013, 12(3): Pages 229-43



Signalling through the B cell receptor (BCR) is central to the development and maintenance of B cells. In light of the numerous proliferative and survival pathways activated downstream of the BCR, it comes as no surprise that malignant B cells would co-opt this receptor to promote their own growth and survival. However, direct evidence for BCR signalling in human lymphoma has only come to light recently. Roles for antigen-dependent and antigen-independent, or tonic, BCR signalling have now been described for several different lymphoma subtypes. Furthermore, correlative data implicate antigen-dependent BCR signalling in many other forms of lymphoma. A host of therapeutic agents targeting effectors of the BCR signalling pathway are now in clinical trials and have shown initial success against multiple forms of lymphoma.


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